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The most significant improvement you can make to your, and your entire family’s, life is to move to a small town.  It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, the benefits to small town living are phenomenal, and hard to describe unless you have experienced it first hand.

It’s really hard to make a huge change in your life like moving to a small town.  It is no different than the 500 pound guy on The Biggest Loser who has to suffer horribly and retrain his thoughts to get to 180 pounds and a new and fantastic life.  If the work was not worth the rewards, we would be the first to tell you, but it really is worth it.

Look at all the “famous” people who are choosing to give up city life and move to a small town:  Dan Akroyd, Bruce Willis, and Jeff Daniels.  They can afford to live anywhere they want in the world, but they are choosing small town U.S.A. as their number one choice.  Surely, that should give you some feelings that there must be something to this concept. 

Look at the factual numbers comparing big cities to small town communities on websites such as Sperlings Best Places. Guess who has the lower crime, better air quality, greater purchasing power between the big city and small town.  That’s right, small town wins almost every time.

So why are more people not making the move?  Because, like anything else, it is hard to uproot and make a big change.  For a movie star it’s easier, since they live a more transient life anyway, and can afford to hire movers and handlers who take care of all the details for them.   

Another reason is that the media is based in big cities, and not rural areas, and if they put in a lot of articles on moving out of their market that would not be in their best interests, or their advertisers.  They choose to only discuss small towns as weekend getaways.  However, with the advent of the non-geographic-specific-internet, there are articles almost daily on the topic, such as on

It’s only a matter of time until this becomes a “mega trend”, and when that happens, you’ll be glad you bought into the boom before everyone else figured it out.

The sooner you arrive in small town U.S.A., the sooner your life becomes fantastic!

Comments from our Visitors

Theresa, Scottsbluff, NE - 12/21/2007
I grew up in this small town and then moved to Denver, CO for college and lived and worked the typical corporate job for about 5 years.  However, as my daughter started getting older I decided to take a pay cut and work from home (with the same company).  If it had not been for the job, it would have been difficult to move.  But now, even with the reduction in salary, I have a better lifestyle, home, and feel much safer than I did in my apartment in the big city.   If you can find a good job or work from home, I would definitely recommend the small town life.

Marcus, Seattle, WA - 12/21/2007
There is no way I could ever live in a small town.  No culture, services or conveniences and nothing to do.  I can't imagine not being able to go to the clubs or movies without driving for an hour to the big city.  Move to a small town?  I don't think so.  Marcus

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