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Small Town Guide Introduction

America is ever-changing.  Sticking with traditional paths is often the worst thing you can possibly do.  For many people moving from the big city to the small town is the correct step to improving your mental and financial health – your whole quality of life, not just for one person but for the entire family.

We are enthusiastic supporters of this concept since that is what we both did with our families.  This was the best move either of us has ever made.

Many people don’t know how, or are afraid, to move from the big city to a smaller town.  If that’s you, then this website is designed to explain the benefits of such a move so you can make an educated decision.

Our goal with this site is to not only discuss the positive and negative factors we see with living in a small town versus a big city, but to also allow our visitors to add additional information, clarify points, disagree, so you receive many different perspectives from all age groups and backgrounds.

Once you delve into the site and read the book chapters and articles and discover that you want to seriously consider making the move, we urge you to put a microscope on the concept and see if it would work for you and your family. 

We have tried to be honest in the book with the drawbacks as well as the benefits. 

Frank lived in the Dallas, Texas area for many years before he and his family moved to a small town in Missouri. 

Dave grew up and lived in the Denver, Colorado area as well as in Fort Collins, Colorado, but now resides in a small town on the Western Slope of about 5,000 people.  Before that he lived in an even smaller town in Colorado with a population of only 105. 

Nothing that either of us has ever done in our lives has been as good as moving from the big city to a small town.  It has paid, and continues to pay, daily dividends for every member of our families.

Thank you for allowing us to help you in this decision. 


Frank & Dave


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