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Right now, today, this weekend, you should be considering moving to a small town.  Nothing you can spend your time doing will have a better chance of improving your quality of life and your finances.  Overnight, you could roughly double your disposable income, and reap rewards in life quality that you cannot even imagine -- rewards that will make you and your family’s life a happier, more rewarding experience.

In about the same amount of time that you can read some financial magazine that reviews some mutual funds that offer a 2% better yield on your IRA, you could be investigating the option of moving to a small town -- an idea that can boost your net earnings by 100% or more.  All of the research on this huge potential windfall is free.  It is truly the highest earnings investment in time and effort available to you.


If you follow the directions set out in this book, you can quickly ascertain if moving to a small town would be a good idea for you and your family, and how to rapidly analyze which town might be a good fit.

So many people procrastinate on making a change out of fear of the unknown.  Don’t let this be you.  Take it from some big city guys who have done it, it’s a great move to make, and the benefits way outweigh the drawbacks.  With all of the uncertainty in the U.S. today, from climate changes to healthcare issues, to rampant crime and housing price uncertainty, your timing is excellent.  This is a good time to make a positive change.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

            -Walt Disney


Comments from our Visitors

Thanks Guys!  What an excellent source of information!  I want more :) I have considered moving several times over the past 5 yrs. I am so overwhelmed by how to research going about this though that I don't know where to start.  Most articles I have read give some general advice but do not include specific research tactics.

I'm considering moving further south.  I'd like to move to a place that has less harsh winters and more raw nature available.  I love everything nature has to offer and want this to be more part of my life. I would also like to know just how possible is it to live in a small town while working a minimum wage job.  Where I live this is impossible due to such high costs of living. Can someone afford rent & utilities on minimum wage in small town?

Where do I begin? I don't necessarily have a state in mind which makes this task a little more daunting. Second, once I determine a state then how do I determine which towns to research? A lot of information I'm finding, including books, are very outdated.  Also many top 25 or 100 lists don't impress me.  Either they are larger populated areas (20K + is not a small town in my opinion)or they are expensive areas. These articles give a false sense of small town living. So, how do I determine where the best towns are? Next, I would like more specifics on where to find the information needed, especially current info. Town or State websites will never say anything negative about itself so how do you determine the true feel of an area, especially if it's out of state and not easy to visit?

Any help you can provide regarding research would be appreciated.  If you can recommend specific books, articles, websites etc ... that would be great.



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