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Nobody is going to refute the statement that almost everything is cheaper in rural areas, a lot cheaper.  Private school tuitions drop from $15,000 per year to $2,000. Meals at restaurants drop from $60 for a family of four to $30.  Houses cost about half or less.  Even utilities are cheaper – just wait until you see a small town U.S.A. water bill or property tax bill.

What does this mean to you?  It means that if you can earn the same income as you do now in a rural area, you will have about twice the purchasing power.  So an income of $40,000 in the city seems like $80,000 in the small town.  Another consideration is that, if you are a two income household, one of you can quit.  Small town U.S.A. is all about one-income households, where someone stays home and takes care of the kids.

Equally important as your greater buying power is the new absence of peer pressure to spend money.  In small town U.S.A., it is considered in bad taste to talk about, flaunt, or compare money or things.  Nobody tries to one-up you on where you are going for Christmas vacation, or what kind of car you drive.  Interest in small town U.S.A. does not include things that cost money.  Conversations tend to focus on people and ideas, and not on “stuff”.  You will soon find your spending habits decelerating like a race car from 100 to 0. 

While this phenomenon takes hold of you, it will also take hold of your kids and spouse.  Kids in small town U.S.A. devote their energy to sports, games, and playing together, not to T.V. and going to the mall.  About the only thing a kid needs in small town U.S.A. is a ball and some sunscreen.  Your kids will immediately quit asking for stuff, because nobody cares anyway.  The same for the spouse who used to be a “shopaholic”, in small town U.S.A. you do not have to buy stuff to get attention.  People just naturally care about you and invite you to their events regardless of what kind of handbag you have.

In summary, by moving to a small town, you will have more disposable income, and fewer things to spend it on.  The result is money in the bank, and positive cash flow.

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