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Immediately upon arriving in your new town, you will start to be drawn to people and activities that you enjoy.  Small towns are all about participating -- there are not enough people to fill all of the necessary spots in all of the town groups.  If you have a special interest or skill, offer it to whichever group is of your liking.  You will find yourself immediately included, and will start building a new network of friends from this one act of volunteering. 

For example, if you are interested in painting, join the local art guild.  If you like to volunteer at school, make it known and you immediately have many requests for your services.  You will be amazed at how much volunteerism there is in a small town.  To keep the cost of living down, most everything is very cheap or free, and requires volunteer talent to make the numbers work. 

Don’t forget to sign the kids up for these volunteer positions too.  Small towns require almost 100% participation by everyone in order to provide the necessary services.  Look at who works in all of the town businesses, and you will see that teens represent a large part of the town’s working population.  Unlike a large city, most everyone who works with teens are very nurturing and protective.  Even a fast-food job can lead to some type of scholarship or other image-building result.  Unlike a lot of big city kids who have no positions other than to go to school and stay home, due to crime concerns or an exclusionary atmosphere, small towns foster well-rounded kids that are expected to put their time to productive use at all times. 


Over time, you will probably, if you have interest, develop a leadership role in whatever you feel strongly about.  When that happens, be sure and stay enthusiastic about including everyone, just as you have been treated, and to making the group more successful in whatever it is they do.  In so doing, you will ensure that this interest will continue on.


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