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The minute you arrive in your new town, do not spend all of your time unpacking.  Be sure to start a complete immersion in your new culture.  Your family’s first impression is still being formed and it is imperative that you do not let the morale crumble.  Make a list of the top ten things to do in your new area, and try to hit one every week, no matter how tired you are or how much unpacking you still have to do.  You moved to improve your quality of life; not to spend your life unpacking boxes.  Don’t obsess on breaking the world speed record for making a move, instead focus on your family’s mental health.

Also be sure to start hitting each family member’s top amenities list immediately.  Boredom can lead to malcontent, and the drudgery of unpacking may launch everyone into a “I want to go home” frenzy.  Set some time aside each day to enjoy your new environment. 

Be sure to set up a lot of play dates early on, so that your kids have something positive to do while you unpack.  Making immediate friends is very important to having a successful move.  Don’t wait for the other parents to make the first move -- start calling and setting up fun play dates.


Put together a three-ring binder called “The Great Big Book of Everything” and let this be your activity guide.  Fill the book with every possible fun thing there is to do in your area.  Contact the State, Town, Chamber of Commerce, and Travel Guides to pack this book with 1,000’s of great to do’s. If you want to you can organize them by Free, Cheap and Expensive.  Of course, there is no excuse not to take advantage of the free things immediately and as often as time permits.  Review this book as a family to look for areas of common interest and prioritize where to spend the family time.  When free time is approaching, pull out the book and every activity you need is there -- you don’t have to memorize a thing.

Keep updating the book, as there are new and seasonal events that are scheduled frequently.  In a world of a million websites, you should have no problem keeping this list current.


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